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Autumn fade Set

Autumn fade Set

lovely fading set of new autumn colors

-Romantic Comedy-ロマンチックコメディ

Merino Sock 100gx 4 skeins(4 colors)

( pattern is not included )

Autumn Fade Set - Merino Sock (4 skeins set)

Autumn fade Set 秋のフェイドセット 全てメリノソック 100gx 4かせ(4色) Isfahan-イスファハン ‐musette一手風琴ー Once-約束の午後に Romantic Comedy-ロマンチックコメディ Super Wash Merino Wool 75%, Nylon 25% 2.5−3 mm, 100g 425m Imported from UK Hand dyed in Hong Kong with  love Wa..


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